Channel X
Location: Vespucci
Genre: Punk Rock, Hardcore Punk, Skate Punk
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Host: Keith Morris
"Real Punk. Real West Coast."
— GTA V Website

Channel X (99.1 FM) is a radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It plays punk rock and is hosted by the singer Keith Morris.



  • This is Trevor Philips' favorite radio station.
  • In Los Santos, this is The Lost MC's favorite radio station.
  • This station appears to be a successor to Radio X, though plays punkier music as opposed to the grunge of that station.
  • The logo of the station looks somewhat similar to Television X, an adult television channel in the United Kingdom

See alsoEdit

  • It's Unleashed FM, a radio station in GTA 1 which plays hard rock.
  • Radio X, a radio station in GTA San Andreas that plays alternative rock.


Channel X (GTA V)

Channel X (GTA V)