This is the staff of the GTA Songs Wiki. Members of the staff are users with special abilities and are dedicated to keep the Wiki organized and safe.

The Staff is divided in three different groups, the Bureaucrats, the Administrators, and the Patrollers (Rollbackers).

Purpose and disposal

Staff members are available to answer questions and help new users. They should be involved in any case of possible vandalism or edit warring, policy violations and profanity vocabulary.


Because this is a small Wiki, we don't have any special promotion requests page. Because this is an official subsidiary Wiki of the big GTA Wiki and created by their staff members, we grant rights for high-ranked users from the GTA Wiki if they prove that they can be active enough. Non-GTA Wiki affiliated users will have to post their promotion request on Tommy's talk page explaining why they want to be promoted, their goals and loyalty to the Wiki.


Bureaucrats have the highest rank authority in the Wiki. Being full administrators and patrollers, bureaucrats are able to promote and demote editors. Bureaucrats and administrators are suitable to close requests and specific discussions. In case of promotions, bureaucrats may hold a bureaucrat-only decision vote in case of tie of Yes and No votes.

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Administrators are trusted editors and are suitable to keep the Wiki organized and free from vandalism. They have special tools and abilities. They can protect pages, rename/move pages and block editors.

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The Patrollers (Rollbackers) are users equipped with a special rollback tool, therewith they can revert edits with one single click.

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