Get It Shawty
Artist(s): Lloyd
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
Radio Station: The Vibe 98.8
Year: 2007
Genre: Contemporary R&B

Get It Shawty is a song performed by Lloyd featured in the The Vibe 98.8 radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV.


[Verse 1]
I guess if I can let this moment slip away
Cause I got my eye on you
I see you looking over your shoulder
Let me make my way over
Excuse me, miss lady how you doing
Your body looking right
You're the type I like
Can I pursue and
Can I get a little closer
So I can get to know you
And exchange names and thangs
Before the night is over
All I really want is for you to back it up
Go on and put your weight on it
Cause it's alright
Do what you wanna
Make me believe ya
Oooh, I wanna see ya
Get it shawty, get it shawty
Get it shawty, get it shawty
[Verse 2]
I guess if we can let the night just drift away
So baby, what you gon' do
Cause I don't wanna lose it
Come on, keep it moving
[Rap Verse]
Jeans tight, high heels
This is how you make me feel
Lips glossed, teeth white
Apple bottoms, let me bite
Spend the night, catch a flight
We can do what-what you like
Feeling right, ya smelling good
Let get this understood
Is there something you're not telling me
Are you the daughter of Frankie Beverly
It's the way you move
The way you groove
I'm a fan and you're the celebrity
She doing freaky stuff
Shawty got me geeked up
Like Fabo I got Play-doh
Let me show you street love


Lloyd - Get It Shawty

Lloyd - Get It Shawty