Nature Freestyle
Artist(s): Nature
Game: Grand Theft Auto III
Radio Station: Game Radio FM
Year: 2000
Genre: East coast hip hop

Nature Freestyle is a song performed by Nature featured in the radio station Game Radio FM in Grand Theft Auto III


    All the way live, from the bridge
    Nature, Big Stretch, this is what we do, KO

    ey yo, 60 inch screen
    Dvd, nekkid on the couch, with 2 (hoes) feedin me
    The rap game treated me, gave me blessings
    It's better than that wack (shit) you press
    And You can find me
    Puffing trees in the Summer League
    NBA, against the wannabees
    5 on 5, Me and (Big) Stretch
    and (DJ)Whookid is in the front row, iced out
    Not even watching the game we know,
    You know the type that I holla first at,you Thirstmaster  
    Actin' too fly, we curse at ya
    Walk on by, boo!
    My sunshine turnt into clouds
    I'm the reason behind shooutouts, murdering styles
    In the bridge, cool out, my (niggas) wild
    At award shows, I spit in the crowd
    On your girlfriend wig, meet again because the world ain't big
    And when we do you duck, you hurl, or play sick
    Basic flows got the block flockin at me
    You can know me by my government (name), but not in the street, lovin it
    Every minute of it, spins is coming
    And if it ain't real, then pretend to love it
    Holla at you dog


GTA III - Game Radio **Nature - Nature Freestyle**

GTA III - Game Radio **Nature - Nature Freestyle**