Rebel Radio
Location: Harmony, Blaine County
Genre: Country
Southern Rock
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Host: Jesco White
You may be looking for the radio station in GTA2, sometimes abbrevated as Rebel Radio, named KING.
"The true sound of Blaine County - drunk, armed, and ready to party."
— GTA V Website.

Rebel Radio is a Country radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It's hosted by "The Dancing Outlaw" himself, Jesco White. The station focuses on classic Outlaw Country tracks. The headquarters of Rebel Radio are located in the Grand Senora Desert on a hill to the left of the Redwood Lights Track and to the south of Harmony. A large radio antenna is situated next to the building.



  • The radio station name may be a reference to the Disney original movie: Radio Rebel.


Rebel Radio (GTA V)

Rebel Radio (GTA V)

See alsoEdit

  • The Fergus Buckner Show FM, a radio station in GTA 1 that plays Country music.
  • KING, a radio station in GTA 2 that uses Country music during ads and is sometimes called Rebel Radio too.
  • K Rose, a radio station in GTA San Andreas that also plays Country music.